Tuesday, 16 November 2010

singapore's answer to the butterfly bible!

I'm a sucker for resource books and am constantly on a search for them to add to my ever expanding library. Most of these either relate to nature, interior design & architecture or cooking. When I heard that a new book on butterflies of Singapore was going to be published, I could barely contain my excitement as there is just so little resource and information relating to butterflies in Singapore.

Titled "a Field Guide to the Butterflies of Singapore", the book's author Khew Sin Khoon documents some 291 different species of butterflies which can be found in Singapore. Although the book doesn't go into that much detail, it still provides succinct bits of information relating to behaviour, fight patterns and habitat. Besides, there's only so much an amateur enthusiast needs to know about each butterfly. If anything, this book functions well as an ID guide to butterflies. What it lacks in detail, it makes up for in photographs, all of which are extremely well-taken. I understand that most of the photos were contributed by members of ButterflyCircle.

I would highly recommend this to any amateur or budding butterfly enthusiast who needs help with identifying butterflies in Singapore. To my mind, this is an invaluable resource worthy of every personal library!


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Russell. Glad you found the book useful. It's a tad heavy for a field guide though, at nearly 1kg per book. :p

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  3. If you read carefully, most of the books contents especially the ID section is similar from the butterfly bible.