Sunday, 23 January 2011

Big Sisters

Today was the 2nd shore trip for 2011 and my third visit to Big Sisters island. My first ever shore trip was also to Big Sisters sometime in July 2010 (first sighting of a turtle) and that was during the wee hours of the morning. Strangely, we tend to visit Sisters island in the dark.

What promised to be an exciting trip full of new discoveries ended up in major disappointment thanks to the combination of strong winds and not very low tides. The ripples reduced vision drastically and made it virtually impossible to shoot anything decent. This explains the lack of photos published today. On a brighter note, I did manage to see a fairly large squid in the lagoon, a rather cute Moon-headed side-gill slug (Euselenops luniceps) and some Acanthozoon flatworms.

Anyhow, here's hoping the winds won't be as strong during next week’s trips to St. John's and Little Sisters.

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