Monday, 9 August 2010

cyrene in august

Made my second trip to Cyrene early this morning. We set off at about 3:30am from Keppel Marina in a bid to catch the low spring tide between 5am and 7am. The tide this time around wasn't as low as my first visit, but I did manage to venture further out to the rocky / coral rubble areas towards the west, facing Jurong Island. I did see quite a few anemones as well as an adult copperbanded butterfly fish. I also spotted a green-eel like creature under a rock but could not manage to coax it out. I didn't see too many knobblys at the eastern end but Ria said they were concentrated in a particular area near the sandbar.

The corals seem to be recovering from bleaching, though some soft remain bleached and appear to be dying. I've yet to have my encounter with an octopus and the blue-spotted fan ray, but Sam and Ria did see some. Sam also spotted a number of fish traps and one even had a fairly large batfish in it. I'll have to tag along with either of them during to another submerged reef, Terumbu Pempang Laut this coming Thursday. Terumbu Pempang Laut is a first for all of us, even Ria, so I guess you could say that it is virgin territory. Thankfully, we set off at a very sensible 6am instead of the usual ungodly hour at 3:30am.

Here's a 360 degree view of Cyrene taken just after first light.

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