Monday, 9 August 2010

overview of cyrene (august)

Apart from the coral, seagrass meadows and other creatures which inhabit Cyrene and which form the bulk of content on most nature blogs, I decided to showcase another side of Cyrene. After all, Cyrene is also spectacular in terms of its size, the fact that it flourishes despite being surrounded by heavy industries and of course, that all important, unforgettable sunrise to signify the start of a brand new day.

Today's sunrise was just as spectacular as the previous one, though the colours this time around appeared to be a little more intense. The photos were taken with both the Canon G10 as well as the Canon 7D, 100mm macro f/2.8 without flash and tripod. So do bear with me if they're not particularly sharp.

And since today is National Day, Ria brought along our national flag for that all important group photo which I likened to the 'man on the moon' moment. I think Ria wanted the 'flag bearers' to stand in a position which provided an overview of the reef, which probably explains why Sam and Mei Lin appeared to be going round and round. Unfortunately, the tide was coming in too strongly, and in a matter of minutes, the seagrass meadows and much of the sandbar were covered in water. I may have avoided an amphibious landing, but I couldn't avoid a very wet departure.

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