Sunday, 25 July 2010

battle for the rambutans

I was playing around with the Canon telephoto zoom lens and decided to focus generally at the rambutan tree which has seen so much action recently. The action hasn't stopped because I witnessed territorial behaviour amongst insects, this time between a group of butterflies and a Banded Paper Wasp (Polistes sagittarius) . The prize? A rambutan fruit. There were easily 3 to 4 species of butterflies feeding on what must have been the sweet juice of an overripe rambutan. Strangely, the wasp wanted a share of the sweet endings, so it began attacking the butterflies. The butterflies were not the least perturbed by the wasp because they kept returning back again and again, each time with more in number. I wonder if this sort of behavior is common amongst insects. Doesn't the butterfly know what it's dealing with?

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