Saturday, 17 July 2010

perving at birds from my window

I should probably start sending out invites to bird enthusiasts across Singapore because they would marvel at the birds which drop by the fruiting rambutan tree next door. Ever since the rambutan started fruiting, I have had the chance to see and witness numerous birds including Koels and mynahs stopping by the tree for an early morning snack. But the more unusual visitors I have seen so far are a pair of fairly large parrots (see photos left) as well as cockatoos, thrushes and a trio of rather small green birds (pictured below). It's always exciting see nature appear before you at your doorstep, or in this case, just outside the window of my study. Now that most of the fruit are gone, i'll have to wait another cycle before seeing a new batch of birds stop by for a quick snack. By then, I hope to have purchased a powerful telephoto lens. (apologies for the poor quality as this was taken with my compact Canon G10 at maximum zoom)

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