Wednesday, 21 July 2010

cats of chip bee

I created a facebook page called Cats of Chip Bee . It is a personal project of mine, dedicated to the cats who inhabit Chip Bee Gardens.

Unlike other landed housing estates, this estate has a rather high population of cats, both feral and domestic. This is also largely contributed by the spill-over from nearby HDB estates in Holland Village and Commonwealth. Despite the numbers today, the population has dwindled somewhat, no thanks to the culling crusade started by the AVA in 2003.

Anyway, this page was created all in the name of fun. But more importantly, I also hope to instill awareness amongst Chip Bee Gardens residents about the cats which live amongst us.

Some of the photos of cats on this page are still around. Others have sadly disappeared or passed on, either through natural causes or were caught by AVA. Those which have remained still lord over their territory, some have done so for over 8-years now.

I have tried as much as I can to document the lives of some of the key feline profiles and the streets they roam. I hope to cover as much as I can before I leave this estate for good in a couple of months.

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